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Banner image promoting wild dog control programs being run across the Greater Sydney region
Programs underway currently

Coordinated projects are currently underway in The Oaks & Dooralong areas. Contact us on (02) 4724 2100 to find out more or report sightings.

Greater Sydney

With plateaus, coastal and estuarine landscapes, river valleys and beaches, our region is known for market gardens, poultry, fruit, mushrooms, flowers and turf.

Map of Greater Sydney LLS Region



    Farmers & land managers in Greater Sydney are encouraged to report storm and flood damage to agricultural production including fencing, stock & crop losses. Download the damage report form.

  • Smartphone App

    Download the LandSmart App for information at your fingertips about smart land management practices on your rural property.

  • landcare grants

    Grants are now available for community groups, including Landcare and other 'care' groups and landholders in the Greater Sydney region.