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Native vegetation Regulation Codes of Practice

New codes

The Minister for the Environment has released the first native vegetation self-assessable codes. The three codes are for:

1.     clearing of invasive native species;

2.     clearing of isolated paddock trees, and

3.     thinning of native vegetation.

They can be found at:

The codes include conditions on what native vegetation can and cannot be cleared. If clearing is consistent with one of these codes, a property vegetation plan is not required.

There are three new online tools to help landholder determine whether they can use the codes. They can be found at:


Landholders using the codes are required to notify of their intention to clear 14 days before starting work. Notification is via a simple form with a map or an online notification tool.

More information on notification can be found at:

Landholders can get help with the codes from their Local Land Services: 

Public submissions and summary report

The copies of public submissions on the exhibited draft codes are available at:

More than 500 submissions, including reports from the field demonstrations, were received during exhibition period March to May 2014. Submissions that were marked confidential were not included.

A report summarising the submissions can be found here:

More information

For more information about the native vegetation management please contact your nearest Local Land Services office or call 1300 795 299