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New land management framework

Land management and biodiversity reforms

Providing landholders with more options, and greater flexibility, to drive improved productivity and to actively and adaptively manage native vegetation for biodiversity conservation outcomes.

The reforms take advantage of the best available science and data to ensure a balanced approach to rural land management and biodiversity conservation in NSW.

The integrated package of reforms features:

  • new arrangements that enable land owners to improve productivity while responding to environmental risks
  • new ways to assess and manage the biodiversity impacts of development
  • a new State Environmental Planning Policy for impacts on native vegetation in urban areas
  • significant investment in conserving high value vegetation on private land
  • a risk-based system for regulating human and business interactions with native plants and animals
  • streamlined approvals and dedicated resources to help reduce the regulatory burden.

To help farmers and other land owners with the new reform, we will be integrating the new Land Management Framework into our range of services for customers.

Our team of experts in this legislation are available to present quick and easy to understand solutions for land owners.

A new approach to land management in NSW

Transition to the new land management framework will begin on 25 August.

We aim to ensure the Land Management Framework assists landholders in achieving both property and industry scale productivity goals, and landscape scale biodiversity outcomes.

Delivering triple bottom line outcomes for land owners by:

  • providing certainty and long term planning solutions that deliver balanced growth and value environmental assets
  • advice, new tools and products to make the right choice for their farm system
  • more land use options through flexible codes and payments for private land conservation.
A fairer and more flexible system

Streamlined and transparent assessment assists land owners to respond quickly and take advantage of new market opportunities when they arise.

Codes of practice allow land owners to undertake most management activities without the need for formal approval so they can get on with the business of routine farming.

New systems and tools will be available to help land owners determine the best possible arrangements under the new land management framework to grow their businesses in a flexible and sustainable way.

Greater choices
  • improve pastures and open up new grazing areas for increased carrying capacity
  • improve cropping efficiency and expand cultivation areas for increased yields
  • develop fertile land for production, in some cases in exchange for establishment of set aside areas.
Here to help with quality services for our customers

We will listen to your goals and work with you to tailor the right solutions to grow a sustainable business.

We have dedicated teams in place across NSW ready to help you make the most of the new land management framework.

Contact your Local Land Services office and we will arrange a time to talk or visit your property to discuss the options available to you so you can get on with the business of farming.

We can assist with:

  • expert advice on using the new codes of practice and other tools
  • timely assistance with approvals if required
  • support to access incentives for conserving native plants and animals on your property
  • information and assistance regarding requirements under other legislation

Information events to run across the state

A program of information events and field days will be held across the state in coming months to help land owners better understand the new land management framework and to find out how Local Land Services can help you.

Find out more or register your interest in our upcoming events


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