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Get Involved - Landcare in Greater Sydney

Are you interested in making a difference to the environment while meeting like-minded people and learning new skills? Join one of the hundreds of landcare and bushcare groups working in the Greater Sydney region!

Many groups are listed on the NSW Landcare Gateway website You can also access the "Find a group" map on the Greater Sydney Landcare Network webpage, or you can talk to your local Council.

If you need some assistance locating a group or would like to start your own group please contact Vanessa Keyzer, Regional Landcare Facilitator, on 02 4724 2118 or email

Useful links

Greater Sydney Landcare Network

A community-run network that aims to connect and support bushcare and landcare volunteers from across the greater Sydney region

Hawkesbury Landcare Network

A new community-based organisation that supports landholders and volunteers to work toward sustainable agriculture and natural resource aims. Contact the HLN Local Landcare Coordinator Sonia Lee on

Floating Landcare

If you enjoy working with others, travelling by river, and have a yearning for adventure with an environmental twist Floating Landcare is for you.

Volunteers visit beautiful locations along the Hawkesbury River and in the Pittwater that are in need of environmental restoration. Activities include bush regeneration to tackle weed hotspots in otherwise pristine bushland. Some locations also require litter collection, planting and some simple flora and fauna surveys.

You can download the 2016 Floating Landcare activities calendar here.

Contact: Rebecca Mooy, Senior Land Services Officer on (02) 4724 2120 or email

Equine Landcare Network

Greater Sydney Local Land Services formed an Equine Landcare Network for horse owners living in the Greater Sydney region in 2013.The aim of the network is to connect and inform horse owners in the region about training opportunities and sustainable property information. Network information is shared by an electronic newsletter.  Emails are sent once or twice a month  and you can join the network by emailing

Sydney Nature Carers Network

Sydney's Nature Carers (SNaC) is a group of people who take an active interest in the natural environment within the Sydney Metropolitan region.

A Yahoo Group network has been formed to help environmental groups and interested community members to share ideas and knowledge and discuss their experiences. Individuals can send a single email that everyone on the register can read and there is no cost involved in joining. If you would like to participate in the group send your name and details to

Bushcare Website

The Bushcare Website is a national website dedicated to promoting Bushcare and getting interested individuals volunteering with their local group.

Landcare NSW Inc

Landcare NSW Inc is a state-wide community based Landcare network that acts a collective voice for Landcare across NSW. They have also created some great resources including "Landcare in A Box", a one-stop-shop for all your policies, forms and Landcare related fact sheets.

Landcare Australia Ltd

Landcare Australia Ltd is a national not-for-profit organisation that support Landcare by creating resources, providing grants to Landcare groups, and attracting corporate sponsorship. They have a range of useful resources available to help you manage your Landcare or Bushcare group including a New Landcare Group Start Kit, a Landcare Social Media Kit and a range of promotional templates and logos.

Resources for Volunteer Coordinators

Bushcare Booster Training Manuals

Bushcare Boosters workshop program developed by the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority as support training material for Bushcare volunteers. Boosters workshops aim to help volunteers value and understand their Bushcare and other on-ground work as part of the big picture of biodiversity restoration across Australia. The program encourages recognition of the interconnectedness of work across all sites, big or small and its contribution to habitat health and landscape change. Three modules were produced:

Module 1 covers weed characteristics, basic weed control techniques, and general safe work practices and methodology

Module 2 helps participants to understand the values and key concepts of Bushcare and provides guidelines for developing action plans for Bushcare sites

Module 3 looks at the often forgotten side of the Bushcare equation, the fauna. While it will not give you detailed solutions for every situation, we aim to provide some tips for making your Bushcare project as fauna friendly as possible.

Volunteer Coordinators Network (Natural Areas) Sydney Region

The Volunteer Co-ordinators Network (VCN) is an Australia-wide network of people employed to co-ordinate community volunteer involvement in natural resource management and on-ground work.

The Sydney Region VCN meets quarterly hosted by different organisations across the Greater Sydney region. Ti find out more about attending Sydney Region VCN meetings please contact please contact Vanessa Keyzer, Regional Landcare Facilitator on 02 4724 2118 or email

Volcoord email network

This is an email group and bulletin board for the members of the VCN hosted by the Australian Association of Bush Regenerators. To join the Volcoord email group, email your contacts details to

Meeting dates for the Sydney region are also publicised through Volcoord. Should you have difficulty joining the Volcoord email group due to firewall restrictions contact to have your name added to an alternative contact list for Sydney meeting notifications.

The 2015, fourth edition of the Volunteer Coordinators Manual includes 39 new case studies that show the diversity of environmental volunteer programs in urban and rural areas throughout Australia

Other Landcare Resources

A range of professional resources are available from Greater Sydney Local Land Services to assist volunteer program managers and supervisors to set up, manage and reinvigorate their long-term environmental programs.

  • Landcare Toolbox - Landcare NSW has produced a number of resources, funded by the State Government Landcare Support Program, including Governance Checklists, Factsheets, Landcare Policy Templates and Insurance Information.
  • New Landcare Group Starter Kit - Landcare Australia Ltd has produced a helpful booklet telling everything you need to know about starting a new Landcare group.
  • Landcare in Your School - produced in 2012 this guide provides case, studies, lesson plans and other useful information for starting a Landcare group or activity in your high school.
  • In Safe Hands Tool Kit - make sure your volunteers are always safe! This Toolkit provides resources for community groups to ensure their 'duty of care' is met.
  • Youth Engagement and Landcare: A How To Kit - a guide to helping local Landcare groups to look to the future by fostering and encouraging a new generation of Landcarers.

Greater Sydney Local Land Services Landcare Strategy 2015-2020

We have developed a Landcare Strategy to guide how it supports, celebrates and promotes landcare activity across the region. The Strategy is effective from 2015 to 2020 and includes an internal Action Plan that is updated annually.

Read the Landcare Strategy.