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2017 Rates Notices

2017 Rates Notices were issued to customers in the Greater Sydney Region on 11 April 2017.  Some ratepayers in Greater Sydney will notices changes to their rates this year. These changes are explained below.

Notional Carrying Capacity – creating a fairer system for you

Greater Sydney Local Land Services has created a more accurate and up to date Notional Carrying Capacity (NCC) system  that will provide ratepayers with greater clarity and certainty on the NCC values of their property. This new process utilises the latest available data to better reflect current land use practices for each individual property as well as taking into account any limiting factors such as remnant vegetation cover, highly steep and erodible landscapes.

What is notional carrying capacity?

The NCC of your property is calculated by Local Land Services in your local region and is based on the number of stock your property would normally carry in an average year if the property was used solely for livestock purposes. This figure is based on stock units per hectare.

How has it changed?

Notional Carrying Capacity for a rateable holding was previously determined using the outdated 1995 NSW Agricultural Land Classification Mapping system. Our new system is based on the latest available data through the Office of Environment and Heritage. Compiled in 2012, this data factors in the various soil and landscape characteristics of your property as well as constraints on the holdings such as remnant vegetation cover and erodible landscape. Working on an NCC value of land classes from 1 to 8, this system would adjust land values based on the various constraints.

What’s in it for me?

NCC assessment based on the most current data reflects the actual land condition of your property and can be regularly adjusted to suit any changes. The data applied is the best available by all government agencies and is the most up to date and comprehensive classification mapping available for the whole of NSW.

Want to know more?

Read about the programs and activities taking place in the Greater Sydney region in the 2017 Greater Sydney Rates Newsletter which accompanied rates notices is available for download below.

To find out more about Local Land Services rates, check out the Rates FAQs here.

If you have not received your 2017 Rates Notice or have any questions about your notice please contact our Customer Service Team on (02) 4724 2100 or by email to