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National Vegetable Extension Network NSW

The project

The National Vegetable Extension Network consists of ten projects delivered across Australia to give vegetable growers access to the latest research and development activities to assist them to become more profitable. The network will also gather information on future needs for research to assist the industry.

The NSW extension project will be managed by Greater Sydney Local Land Services.

Join the National Vegetable Extension Network NSW

Register online here to receive regular updates on workshops and events or for further information contact Renee Pearson on (02) 4724 2121 or by email to

Who will be involved?

All growers who pay the national vegetable levy can be involved in the National Vegetable Extension Network. Workshops and training events will be offered in the Sydney Basin, Central Coast and major centres in the Central Tablelands, Riverina and North Coast. Growers that can’t attend these venues will be able to access information through factsheets, webinars and video resources.

Agronomists and other information providers to vegetable growers will also be provided with advice on the latest research information and products. This will further extend the reach of the project.

Extension materials will be provided in appropriate community languages to recognise the diverse cultural backgrounds of vegetable growers.

Intended Outcomes

By the completion of the National Vegetable Extension Network programme, a significant proportion of NSW vegetable growers will have applied new learning to make their businesses more sustainable and profitable.

Better practice will be evident in crop scheduling, irrigation efficiency, energy efficiency, soil management, pest and disease control, weed management, food safety and other key aspects of farm management.

The Partners

The NSW extension delivered by Greater Sydney Local Land Services is one of ten projects across Australia coordinated by Applied Horticulture Research.

AUSVEG will be responsible for communicating the outcomes of all projects. Programme outcomes will be monitored by James Cook University.

The National Vegetable Extension Network is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia using the National Vegetable Levy and funds from the Australian Government.

Logos of project partners: Horticulture Innovation Australia, Greater Sydney Local Land Services, AusVeg, Applied Horticulture Research & James Cook University.