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Greater Sydney Regional Weeds Plan consultation draft

The Greater Sydney Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan outlines the strategic priorities for weed management in the Greater Sydney region. The plan was released in June 2017 and has now been updated to correct minor errors and to include several additional “priority weeds” in appendix 1.2. The proposed amendments are summarised below:

  • p58        A control order for Chinese violet came into effect on 24 May 2019.
  • p64        Removal of “Black Willow”. This species was erroneous listed under both “prevention” and “eradication” objectives. The listing on p65 remains.
  • p66        Inclusion of “Groundsel bush” as a priority weed with “eradication” objective.
  • p68        Amendment to the “African olive” exclusion zone by removal  of Central Coast local government area and inclusion of lands in Penrith local government area west of the Nepean River.
  • p69        Inclusion of “Asparagus fern” as a priority weed with “containment” objective.
  • p73        Inclusion of “Tiger pear” as a priority weed with “containment” objective.
  • p73        Amendment to “Water poppy” outcome to demonstrate compliance with the General Biosecurity Duty “the plant or parts of the plant are not traded, carried, grown or released into the environment” to applies to the whole of the region.
  • p74        Amendment to “Ludwigia” to be consistent with common name identified in NSW DPI WeedWise website.
  • p75        Amendment to “Pampas grass” to include all Cortaderia species.

Members of the public are invited to make a submission or provide comment on the proposed amendments. Submissions and comments can be posted to PO Box PO Box 4515, Westfield Penrith 2750 or emailed to

The closing date for submissions is 19 July 2019.

For enquiries please call Anthony Schofield on 02 4724 2153.

The updated consultation plan can be downloaded here. PDF, 1235.18 KB