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River Health Program

This program provides funding for landholders, local government and other relevant groups and organisations to deliver on ground activities that improve the health of our waterways. Activities include riparian corridor protection and restoration and activities that improve the condition of in-stream habitat. In our urban areas water sensitive urban design initiatives are also a major focus for improving river health.

Greater Sydney Local Land Services recognises that the health of our waterways is critical and that they must be managed sustainably if they are to continue to provide the many benefits to so many millions of people in the region.

Wetlands Management Program

Funding aims to restore and protect wetlands including floodplain wetlands, coastal wetlands and upland swamps throughout the region.

Funding is available to landholders and land managers for:

  • fencing wetlands to restrict stock access
  • installing alternative stock watering systems
  • bush regeneration
  • replanting wetland species where necessary
  • restoring wetland processes.

Project officers can visit your property and provide advice on how best to conserve or rehabilitate wetlands.

Estuary and Coastal Management

Estuaries, bays and lagoons of the Greater Sydney region are fundamental to the character and fabric of Sydney, forming the backdrop for our region - culturally, visually and economically. Sydney includes a range of these natural features including Sydney Harbour, Port Hacking, Botany Bay, the Hawkesbury River Estuary and a suite of coastal lagoons and waterways.

Aquatic and riparian habitat are essential for the health of our fisheries, providing nurseries and feeding grounds for fish, as well as for maintaining water quality for fishing tourism and recreation by preventing erosion and regulating nutrients.

These systems also provide important recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike, including walking, fishing, swimming, boating, whale watching, sightseeing and picnicking.

Environmentally Friendly Moorings

There are mooring designs on the market that aim to protect sensitive habitats in estuaries without compromising the safety or reliability of mooring your vessel.

Visit the Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries) website for more information about Environmentally Friendly Moorings.

Fish Friendly Marine Infrastructure

Greater Sydney Local Land Services was one of a number of partners who participated in the NSW Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries) Fish Friendly Marine Infrastructure project. The project was assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.

The aim of the project was to encourage infrastructure owners to modify, upgrade or retrofit existing marine infrastructure and to incorporate new, fish-friendly designs when installing new infrastructure. These new concepts lessen the disturbance and impact on marine life, incorporate design features that provide enhanced habitat where marine life can live and help support more fish.

Find out more information about the project and access related resources at the Fish Habitat Network website.

Urban Waterways – Estuarine & Coastal Ecosystems Program

This program provides funding for local government and other relevant groups and organisations to deliver on-ground activities that improve the health of our estuaries and coastal ecosystems. Projects to be funded will improve water quality, reduce the negative impacts on biodiversity and increase condition and resilience of habitats within estuaries and coastal areas.