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Sydney Harbour Catchment Water Quality Improvement Plan Summary

The Sydney Harbour Catchment Water Improvement Plan engages key land managers and other stakeholders to improve the ongoing health of Sydney Harbour and its catchment.

The project will offer the following benefits to stakeholders such as land managers, government agencies and researchers:

  • Access to a Pollutant Export Model which simulates the build up and wash off of pollutants to downstream environments.
  • Access to the Ecological Response Model which illustrates the overall impact on the estuary and assists councils to see how they can benefit the estuary.
  • Help councils to undertake modelling runs.
  • Decision Support System (DSS) training will be provided to help councils consider the acts of changes in land use and management of stormwater pollutants for each council area. This also can help with allocation of budgets.
  • Both the Pollutant Export Model and the Decision Support System can be used to determine impacts of large developments and identify opportunities for local water quality improvements.