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Projects and programs

Biodiversity Program

This program provides funding for native vegetation conservation and restoration, management of threatened species and control of invasive plants and animals.  The program focuses on the protection of key biodiversity assets, enhancement of corridors and habitat restoration for native species.

River Health Program

This program provides funding for landholders and local government to deliver on ground activities that improve the health of our waterways. Such activities include riparian corridor protection and restoration and activities that improve the condition of in-stream habitat.

Healthy Waterways

The five former NSW Coastal Catchment Management Authorities in partnership with the Boat Owners Association of NSW, Boating Industry Association of NSW, Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW, NSW Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries) and NSW Roads & Maritime have worked together to deliver the NSW coastal state wide environmental education strategy for coastal boaters and fishers.

Botany Bay Water Quality Improvement Program

This program aims to achieve long-term protection of the surface waters of Botany Bay, its estuaries and its catchment. It focuses on the pollutants washing off the hard surfaces in the catchment (suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphorus). Councils, key stakeholders and the community in the Botany Bay Catchment are encouraged to participate in implementing innovative solutions to improve water quality in Botany Bay.

Sydney Harbour Catchment Water Quality Improvement Plan

The Sydney Harbour Catchment Water Improvement Plan engages key land managers and other stakeholders to improve the ongoing health of Sydney Harbour and its catchment.

Water Sensitive Urban Design

Water Sensitive Urban Design is about working with communities to ensure the planning, design, construction and retrofitting of urbanised landscapes are more sensitive to the natural water cycle.