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Teeing-off Carbon Connections

Teeing-off Carbon Connections programSydney’s golf courses and open spaces as biodiverse carbon stores

Golf clubs across Sydney are swinging into action as part of a new environmental program, driven by Greater Sydney Local Land Services in partnership with Golf NSW to link “corridors of green” through some of Australia’s most urbanised suburbs.

The Australian Government has provided some $1.8 million over three years to protect biodiversity in Sydney. TheTeeing-off Carbon Connections project is supported through funding from the Australian Government.

There are more than 100 golf courses covering some 4000 hectares within the Greater Sydney region. This project provides an exceptional opportunity for the GSLLS, golf clubs and councils to work together to protect native vegetation and reduce the impact of weeds and invasive pests like rabbits and foxes. We hope to use these stepping stones of open space to link important vegetation corridors across Sydney.

This project will allow us to offer training to golf course managers and local government staff on how to protect and restore biodiversity on their land. Ground maintenance staff at golf courses will trained to improve the condition of existing native vegetation as well as do bush regeneration and plant native species.

A university research partnership has been established with the University of Western Sydney to find out more about the role of golf courses as carbon sinks in green corridors.

We are liaising with Golf NSW and their partners to streamline discussions with golf clubs, as well as sharing the lessons we learn with other golf courses across NSW.

Further information

For further information about this program please contact Greater Sydney LLS, Parramatta office on (02) 9895 6137.