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Pesticide training for feral animal control offered to local landholders

A pesticide training course accrediting landholders to use 1080 and Pindone is being offered by the Greater Sydney Local Land Services (LLS) from 9 am – 12.30 pm on Friday 16 May at Mangrove Mountain.

The workshop will be presented by Steve Parker, Invasive Species Team leader from Greater Sydney LLS who encourages landholders to undertake the training and learn how to use the pesticides effectively to reduce pest animals on their property.

"Course participants will be trained and authorised to use vertebrate pesticides 1080 which can be used to control rabbits, foxes, feral pigs and wild dogs, and Pindone which is used to control rabbits on smaller properties in closely settled areas", said Mr Parker.

"In the case of 1080, requirements of the use of this pesticide include meeting minimum distance restrictions, and extensive notifications before 1080 can be issued to landholders.  The accreditation certifies landholders to use these pesticides for a period of 5 years" said Mr Parker.

Carolyn Jenkinson, Senior Land Services Officer from LLS says pesticides are under strict control so the course is a great opportunity to learn how to use them correctly and safely. 

"The requirement for this qualification came into force in late 2010 under the pesticides legislation to enable better governance of the pesticides concerned and increase the level of knowledge and expertise of those using them to minimise risks associated with the use of pesticides generally," she said.

The workshop is coordinated by Greater Sydney Local Land Services and is funded by the Australian Government.   

For further information and to register for this workshop contact Carolyn Jenkinson on 02 4352 5113 or email


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