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Greater Sydney Local Land Services responds to wild dogs on the Central Coast

Greater Sydney Local Land Services is keen to reduce wild dogs on the central coast with an ongoing baiting program and free pesticide training courses for landholders.

Biosecurity Officer Steve Parker said that wild dogs posed a threat to both domestic animals and the local environment.

"Getting rid of wild dogs is one of our top priorities. Greater Sydney Local Land Services is keen to work with landholders and other agencies to prevent wild dogs from destroying pets, livestock and the environment.

"Greater Sydney Local Land Services has have issued baits to landholders, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Forest NSW and local councils and we engaged a contractor to visit approximately 80 landholders to help them with property assessments in preparation for a coordinated community wild dog control program on the Central Coast.

"We also held a public consultation workshop for the wild dog plan, last October with the local community in Mangrove Mountain.

"A Local Land Services Biosecurity Officer visits the Central Coast once a week to deliver baits and visit landholders. We are currently recruiting a Biosecurity Officer who will be based at Wyong to coordinate and facilitate wild dog control as a priority. We will also be holding another free pesticide training course for landholders," said Steve.

Greater Sydney Local Land Services visited 138 properties affected by wild dogs and issued 788 wild dog baits, with 110 baits taken by wild dogs this year.

Greater Sydney Local Land Services role is to coordinate wild dog control in the region, train landholders to use 1080, undertake risk assessments on properties to ensure baiting is undertaken safely, issue baits to landholders, collect data and obtain funding for dog control.

Mr Parker said Greater Sydney Local Land Services also liaise with other agencies to ensure wild dogs are controlled on their land for purpose of protecting surrounding livestock.

"We work in partnership with National Parks and Wildlife Service who undertake wild dog control on NPWS land. GS LLS supports NPWS in a technical capacity and we supply them with the baits that they use for their baiting programs," said Mr Parker.