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A lifeline for wildlife amid the wild weather

Greater Sydney Local Land Services came to the aid of Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park when a loss of power during last week's wild weather threatened to endanger animal safety.

Staff at the Central Coast park feared that foxes, usually kept at bay by electric fencing, would enter the 80 acre property where native animals roam free. 

Greater Sydney LLS Chairman Terry Charlton heard the park's situation on Richard Glover's radio program and immediately contacted Sharon Elliott, Acting General Manager, who got in touch with David Green from the Wyong office. 

Green sourced and was loading a generator within half an hour before racing to the park where he and staff worked quickly to get the electric fences up and running before evening set in.

Tassin Barnard, General Manager of the park, said they were concerned when they "noticed how much fox activity was going on outside. Foxes are amazing climbers."

When the generator arrived "the whole mood lifted" Barnard Said. "We could sleep easy not thinking 'should we be out there with torches trying to patrol the fence?' "

The park, amazingly, lost no animals, but staff remained on guard over the weekend as they waited for power to be turned back on.

Foxes are a newly declared pest species in NSW and a major threat to native wildlife. Greater Sydney Local Land Services is working with the community to control fox populations in the region.

Greater Sydney Local Land Services is the NSW agency dedicated to minimising biosecurity threats, threats from feral animals and improving productivity of land use across Greater Sydney.

For more information on fox control call Greater Sydney Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.

Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park team with Generator provided by Greater Syndey Local Land Services

Pictured: Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park team with generator provided by Greater Sydney Local Land Services.