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Dung Beetle workshop gets full marks from local farmer

More efficient than a tractor were the words used by Dung Beetle expert, John Feehan to describe the value of Dung Beetles at a recent Greater Sydney LLS workshop.

Farmers and landholders found out that Dung Beetles are capable of very quickly burying two litres of dung into an area about the size of a bicycle wheel, making the pasture great quality for grazing.

Dung Beetles are also capable of making gaps and tunnels deep into the driest soil helping the roots to access deeper soil moisture.

A local Central Mangrove landholder said 'these training sessions are such a great opportunity to improve land management practice and build community links. I always meet new and interesting people who are further into the grand adventure of creating better farm outcomes, and come away inspired, rather than simply overwhelmed.'

'This workshop was very information rich, and such and enthusiastic presenter!  I will be taking much better care of my dung beetles from now on - I got some really practical strategies from John.'

LLS is running a series of workshops over the next few months to help landholders and farmers improve their land management practices. Visit the events page for more details about each workshop and to register online or contact Maree Whelan on 4355 8201.