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Footrot case identified in Western Sydney

Hobby farmers are being warned about the dangers of buying stock online after a case of virulent footrot was identified on a property in Llandilo, Western Sydney.

Greater Sydney Local Land Services District Veterinarian Guy Weerasinghe said the farmers had made the discovery after purchasing goats online.

"We are seeing an increasing number of small land and hobby farmers buying their stock online," Dr Weerasinghe said.

"While it might be more convenient than going to a sale yard, many of these web sites do not advise farmers of the risks involved or their legal responsibilities. As a result notifiable diseases such as footrot can spread rapidly without detection.

"Virulent footrot is highly contagious and this case has the ability to cause serious complications for animals, owners and surrounding properties.

"All sellers and buyers need to know the responsibilities of owning stock to avoid serious financial loss."

Veterinarian Carla Goldman talking to your vet or your Local Land Services officer before you buy stock is the best protection for you, your neighbours and your farm," she said.

Background Information:

 The legal requirements for stock owners when purchasing stock are:

  • both the seller and the buyer must have a property identification code (PIC)
  • the sale must be accompanied by the appropriate movement document (NVD, PigPass)
  • animals must be appropriately identified (NLIS tags in sheep/cattle/goats, Branded pigs)
  • movements need to be recorded on the database (Sheep/cattle/goats; pigs)

For further information download the DPI Footrot in Sheep and Goats Primefact Sheet.

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