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Baiting program rolls out in South West

Greater Sydney Local Land Services is supporting South West Sydney landholders to reduce the impact of invasive pests through a coordinated wild dog and fox baiting program.

Aimed at protecting livestock, domestic pets and native animals, the campaign has already attracted 26 rural property owners in The Oaks, Oakdale and Orangeville regions.

Senior Biosecurity Officer Lee Parker said autumn was when wild dogs were most active.

“This time of year typically signals an increase in wild dog activity as rogue mutts go in search of a breeding partner and establish territories. That’s why are urging landholders to be proactive and take part in a landscape control program to ensure we can achieve,” he said.

“We roll this program out each year because wild dog control cannot be a 'one off', it requires regular baiting at key seasonal periods, ideally with neighbouring landholders undertaking control at the same time.”

Farmer and land manager Will Davies is taking part in the campaign in a bid to protect his cattle.

“I manage our family beef cattle properties and other local properties,” he said.

“I’ve seen the results of dog and fox attacks on livestock firsthand and during calving season the risk of an attack is even higher, it is so important we as land owners work with Local Land Services to help manage the impact of these pests not just for ourselves but for our neighbours as well.”

Mr Davies said foxes also posed a major risk to the local farming community.

“Foxes are known to spread serious diseases to livestock and pets including Neospora, a highly contagious infectious parasite which causes abortions in grazing livestock, especially cattle and that is a major concern for me,” he said.

“Local Land Services can’t be everywhere at once and they have been great help to me so I’m happy to do my bit to support their work.”

Mr Parker urged residents to report wild dog and fox sightings to Greater Sydney Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.

“If you hear howling at night time, suffer unexplained stock losses or simply notice tracks on your property we want to know about it so we can help through expert advice, training and on ground assistance,” he said.


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