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Keep it clean this Christmas

With summer holidays just around the corner Greater Sydney Local Land Services and Take 3 are calling on the community to keep our beautiful Central Coast beaches clean this Christmas.

“Take 3 is a Sydney-based not-for-profit organisation delivering education programs around creating a cleaner planet through litter-free beaches and we are proud to support their great work. This year our funding partnership saw 218 students from across 24 Central Coast primary schools engaged in the Green Sea Turtle project - inspiring them to become ocean advocates,” Greater Sydney Land Services Officer Maree Whelan said.

“We would hate to see all that hard work undone as everyone starts to enjoy their well-earned end of year break.”

Take 3 co-founder Roberta Dixon-Valk said doing the right thing this summer was simple.

“There are some really easy things we can all do this summer to make a difference to the plastic marine pollution ending up in our oceans and impacting our marine wildlife,” Ms Dixon-Valk said.

“Three of the easiest steps you can take are;

  • Bring and re-use your own water bottle.  Don’t buy plastic bottled water.  Drink containers are the most littered item in NSW with 168 million drink containers littered every year.
  • Remember to take your reusable shopping bags whenever you go shopping.  Help stop Australia’s 10 million new plastic bag-a-day habit.
  • Take 3 pieces of plastic litter when you leave your favourite summer spot.

By helping to keep plastic out of our oceans this Christmas, we give the gift that just keeps giving,” she said.

Background statistics:

Around 8 million items of litter enter the marine environment every day.

  • An estimated 70 per cent of marine litter ends up on the sea bed, 15 per cent on beaches and the remaining floats on the surface.
  • An estimated 80 per cent of marine debris is from land based sources 20 per cent sea based.
  • It is estimated three times as much rubbish is dumped into the world’s oceans annually as the weight of fish caught.
  • Around 8 million tonnes of new rubbish enters the ocean every year.
  • It is estimated that over 13,000 pieces of plastic litter float on every square kilometre of ocean and this figure continues to grow.


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