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Landholders rally in fight against feral pests

Central Coast landholders have rallied in the fight against feral pests as part of the region’s largest control campaign to date.

Coordinated by Greater Sydney Local Land Services, the wild dog and fox baiting campaign saw 24 private and public landholders take part.

Biosecurity Officer Ash Johnson said more than 250 baits had been issued covering 5,000 ha of land.

“Large-scale coordinated campaigns are our best method of defence when it comes to minimising the impact of feral pests,” he said.

Dooralong cattle farmer Brett Ward signed up to the campaign after continuously losing stock to dog and fox attacks.

“We would see large dogs roaming in packs of ten or more in broad daylight,” he said.

Mr Ward said he would lose up to six calves every calving season to the attacks.

“My neighbour was also losing sheep at a rapid rate and that’s when we realised we had to do something about it.”

Mr Ward said the support of biosecurity experts had proved crucial to stopping the attacks.

“Since I signed up Ash has set up remote cameras to track the dogs’ movements so we know where the best place to lay baits is. One year in and I haven’t lost a single calf,” he said.

“The cameras also show a significant drop in dog numbers.”

Mr Johnson said control campaigns needed to be driven by landholders like Brett to have maximum impact.

“Without the support and involvement of the community we can only achieve so much,” he said.

Wild dogs are estimated to cost the Australian economy up to $60 million in damage every year with the impact of foxes estimated at around $227.5 million per annum.

To get involved in a control campaign or for advice contact Greater Sydney Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.


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