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Macarthur deer control campaign going strong

The use of infrared technology, online mapping and strong community support has been credited for the early success of the Macarthur Deer Control campaign.

Launched by Greater Sydney Local Land Services late last year, the campaign has seen more than 40 landholders sign up with 90 wild deer already removed from the area.

Theresa Park grower Sam Galea joined the campaign after losing 20 percent of last year’s corn crop to deer damage.

“There needs to be a united effort among our community in order to help make this program a success, working with the Greater Sydney Local Land Services team collaboratively is our best chance to get on top of the problem,” Mr Galea said.

“Not only have they impacted me financially but I also hit one in my truck which nearly caused a major accident.”

Senior biosecurity officer Lee Parker said wild deer posed a risk to agricultural crops, motorists as well as domestic pets and livestock.

“Our campaign strategy is to target deer in an intensive area which includes Silverdale, Theresa Park, Cobbitty and Werombi so we can get a clear picture of our effectiveness is reducing numbers,” he said.

“We are also using infrared technology so we can safely track the animals at night time and an interactive online mapping tool which was developed in house to further support our accuracy and records.”

Mr Galea said the Greater Sydney biosecurity team had assisted him with practical on-ground advice as well as guidance in setting up a motion detector camera to monitor pest animal activity on his property.

“The use of the camera has been critical to helping us determine when the deer are most active and keep track of their movements throughout the night,” he said.

Mr Parker said the program was being run in partnership with Wollondilly and Camden Councils.

For more information, to report deer activity or get involved ph 4724 2100.


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