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Menangle fox campaign rolls out second stage

Landholder in South West Sydney are being urged to get involved in the second stage of the Menangle Fox Control campaign.

Launched by Greater Sydney Local Land Services in March last year the campaign is designed to encourage a collaborative, seasonal approach to fox control. Stage two of the project will see an increase in on-ground resources for local landholders to further support control efforts.

Program coordinator Dr Alison Towerton said while there was no quick fix to reducing the impact of fox numbers, a long term, ultimately landholder-driven campaign would achieve the most meaningful and lasting results benefitting both native wildlife and agricultural production.

“Last year we signed up 12 landholders to the campaign, engaged more than 40 community members through public meetings and carried out monitoring at 34 sites across 17 properties using motion activated cameras throughout the region,” Dr Towerton said.

“Our cameras recorded foxes at 90 per cent of the monitored sites as well as more than forty different animal species including native fauna, livestock and other pest animals. That is the very reason why it is so important our control methods cover as many hectares as possible and we can’t do that without community involvement.”

Dr Towerton said the second year of the campaign would see a focus on supporting groups of up to five or more neighbouring landowners to carry out baiting campaigns with assistance from a pest management expert.

“This will include setting up bait stations for a period of two years at strategic locations on the properties,” she said.

The next Menangle Fox coordinated autumn baiting campaign will run from 20 March until 30 April with the third public meeting to be held at Cawdor Public School on 22 March, 7 to 9 pm.

For further information contact Dr Towerton on (02) 4724 2128 or email


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