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Pest animal program rolls out in the Upper Hawkesbury

Landholders in the Upper Hawkesbury region struggling with feral pests are being urged to contact biosecurity experts about joining a collaborative pest animal control campaign.

Greater Sydney Local Land Services is recently wrapped up a wild dog and fox management campaign in partnership with 10 major landholders in the Kurrajong Heights, Colo, Bilpin and Mt Irvine areas.

Biosecurity officer Josh Topham said involvement and support from the local community was crucial to minimising the impact of the pests.

“Through this campaign we were able to work with landholders to cover a large part of the area,” he said. “But there are always other parts that wild dogs and foxes will potentially find food sources. The more landholders we can get to actively target these pests, the more effective we will can be in protecting attacks on livestock, domestic animals and native species.”

Bilpin land manager Paul Newton is committed to reducing wild dog and fox numbers in his area.

“In the past we had our pet dog killed by a pack of wild dogs along with five sheep,” he said. “But since working with the biosecurity team at Local Land Services the attacks have stopped.”

Mr Newton said there had also been a noticeable increase in the presence of native wildlife.

“We are seeing more lyre birds and wallabies which were extremely scarce before.”

Mr Newton echoed calls for landowners to be more proactive in controlling pest animals.

“If you hear howling at night time, see a fox or collarless dog or lose an animal to an attack you should report it because these animals affect the entire community, our ecnomoy and the local environment,” he said.

Wild dogs cause an estimated $66.3 million damage to the Australian economy each year, while fox damage is estimated to be over $227.5 million

For more information on joining a pest animal control campaign contact Greater Sydney Local Land Services on ph: 4724 2100


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