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Play your part in fox control

Protecting native wildlife, family pets and the environment from the impact of foxes is the driving force behind a control program set to be rolled out next week.

Greater Sydney Local Land Services - in partnership with Willoughby, Ku-ring-gai, The Hills, North Sydney and Northern Beaches councils - is leading a coordinated campaign aimed at managing fox numbers on the fringe of Sydney’s CBD.

Greater Sydney Biosecurity Team Leader Nic Schembri said the success of the campaign relied on collaboration from local councils, other agencies and community members.

“Foxes continually threaten our protected wildlife species in local bushland corridors. This project is essential in protecting not only our wildlife and bushland but also our pets including chickens, ducks and rabbits," Ms Schembri said.

“People can help keep local foxes at bay by keeping compost bins properly closed, household rubbish in a secure location, feeding domestic pets inside, ensuring food is not left outside and wherever possible, keeping pets inside overnight.

“Keeping yards in check by tidying gardens, weeding to reduce fox harbour and housing backyard chickens in secure, fox-proof enclosures rather than free ranging will also help.

“Pesticide restrictions mean baiting can’t be undertaken on the average suburban block which is why coordinated programs like this are crucial to limiting the damage foxes can cause to native wildlife, infrastructure, livestock and domestic pets,” she said.

Ms Schembri said native wildlife sightings including lyrebirds, bandicoots and swamp wallabies had increased in some areas.

“This is a strong indication of the importance of these programs,” she said.

The baiting will take place from next Monday, 7 August and end on 25 August 2017.

“During this time it is important to keep domestic pets away from sign-posted bait sites and walk dogs on a leash,” Ms Schembri said.

For further information contact Greater Sydney Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.


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