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Sydney-based absentee landholder project

For absentee or city-based landholders, managing a property remotely can be challenging and could result in weed, pest and productivity issues, and might even affect neighbouring properties.

Greater Sydney Local Land Services has a unique project helping absentee rural landholders living in Sydney to improve their land management practices. The “Sustainable land management for Sydney-based rural landholders project” (also known as the “Sydney-based absentee landholder project”) is funded by the NSW Environmental Trust. Activities include a series of free informative workshops and development of a smartphone app.

To date eight evening workshops have been held for Sydney-based absentee landholders on a variety of sustainable land management topics on rural properties, including feral animals, weeds, soil health and groundcover, native vegetation and water.

Attendance has exceeded expectations with 380 attendees at 8 workshops, and 240 individuals attending at least one workshop. Feedback from workshops has been largely positive.

A free smartphone app, LandSmart has also been produced as part of the project. LandSmart helps landholders look after their land by providing useful information at their fingertips. Topics include soil, groundcover, pest animals, weeds, native vegetation, conservation, farm biosecurity and other information on being a responsible rural landholder.

Download the LandSmart app here

Features of the LandSmart app:

  • View upcoming events and workshops and save them directly to your calendar
  • Find nearby LLS offices and Landcare groups
  • Read the “Rural Living Handbook” – a guide for rural and rural residential landholders
  • Get more information on topics such as soil, water, plants, fauna and more
  • Keep in touch with the latest project news
  • Contact and connect with your LLS
  • Available for Apple and Android devices

Users can also find their nearest Local Land Services office to receive further information and support, and nearby Landcare groups.

The LandSmart app is available for download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play store.

Register to receive email updates about this project here or contact Greater Sydney Local Land Services at or phone us on (02) 4724 2127.