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Can I amend or end my property vegetation plan (PVP)?

What are PVPs?

A Property Vegetation Plan (PVP) is a voluntary and legally binding agreement between a landholder and Local Land Services.

Historically, PVPs were obtained for a number of reasons, including:

  • to obtain native vegetation clearing approval, and to secure any offsets associated with that clearing (Clearing PVP)
  • to confirm that native vegetation on a property is regrowth, providing a landholder with assurance that they will not need future clearing approval (Continuing Use Regrowth PVP)
  • to change the regrowth date of native vegetation to an earlier date, provided that landholders can demonstrate a history of rotational farming practices on the land (Continuing Use Regrowth PVP)
  • to confirm whether existing rotational farming, grazing or cultivation practices meet the definitions of these in the Act so that clearing approval will not be required (Continuing Use PVP)
  • applying for native vegetation incentive funding (Incentive PVP)
  • to protect native vegetation for future generations (Conservation PVP)
  • to allow sustainable native forestry activity on private land (Private Native Forestry PVP - agreed between the landholder and the NSW Environment Protection Authority).

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What is the duration of a PVP?

PVPs vary in their duration.

Continuing Use and Regrowth PVPs are usually only in effect for 15 years from the approval date.

Conservation and Incentive PVPs vary in their duration from 10 years to perpetuity.

Offset areas identified in a Clearing PVP are in perpetuity and run with the land i.e. they are a legal instrument that remains in effect even if the land is sold to a new owner.

The new owner is bound to undertake the management actions that are outlined in the PVP for the duration of the PVP.

Can PVPs be amended or ended?

In some circumstances a PVP may be amended or ended. In determining whether a PVP can be amended, consideration is given to:

  • Whether the PVP has been acted on. For example, has the clearing in a Clearing PVP commenced?
  • Whether there is a legitimate reason for the amendment or ending of the PVP.
  • Whether consent is required and given from other signatories on the approved PVP.
  • Whether there are outstanding works or monies associated with the PVP.

How do I find out if my PVP can be amended or ended?

To find out if your PVP can be amended or ended contact Local Land Services on 1300 778 080, email or contact your local Local Land Services office.

Landholders wanting to amend or end their Private Native Forestry PVP will need to contact the Environment Protection Authority Forestry Officer in their region.